Be Seen By More New Customers Daily and Increase Conversions

You must put yourself in front of your customers in today’s marketplace. Customers will not go beyond the 2nd page of the search engines, so its of paramount importance that you get ranked higher (ideally in the 1st three positions). I get websites ranked in the search engines and generating more business in the door.  Customers use search engines to find your business.  If you are not ranked they will never find you.  However, I will go through a complete breakdown of where your business is at and where it can go. This process is custom tailored to your business and your industry.

There are 3 steps to this process:

1.  Research

Understanding your customers and what they are searching for is the first step in this process.

This is where we will position ourselves to get in front of your customers.  In order to do this we must know what they are searching for and focus on specific geo-targeted keywords.

2.  Optimization

A good looking site with the right research will generate no revenue if it is not optimized properly.  The optimization gets the site in front of your searching customers.  Without this piece, the site will just be a good looking site with no traffic and no increase in business.  This process is a gradual process and is done on a long term basis, ENSURING long term rankings.

3.  Conversion

A site that gets tons of traffic to it, but no conversions is just as good as a site that gets no traffic.  In this part of the process, we will work on generating leads out of your traffic.  This is an extremely important step and one that most businesses overlook.

Guaranteed Services

I will work with you, continually tweaking and improving the campaign.  This helps to cover all bases in the process.  We will leave no stone unturned in this process, and you will be amazed with the results before we are even half way through.

I can guarantee your satisfaction in this whole process.  I have worked with many local businesses and have helped them achieve their business goals.  Check out my testimonials page to see what past customers are saying about my services.