Want More Local Business?

The answer to more local business is higher search rankings combined with a higher conversion rate.  Check out some of my past clients below.

  1. JAA Architecture

I worked very closely with John Allmand at JAA Architecture.  He is a local architect in Jacksonville and was not generating the amount of traffic or leads that he knew were looking for his business.  I setup a plan of action and went after specific geo-targeted keywords.  John’s website was no where near the first page, but closer to the 7th page.  Fast forward 3 months and his site is in the #2 & #3 locations for “Jacksonville Architect”  He is also ranking for other variations of this keyword.







2.  Cash Flow in Miami

Another local business I worked with was a real estate company in Miami.  Andrey Rossin owns the company and was once again in a situation where the leads were no where near what he wanted.  In a place like Miami, there is a lot of competition so Andrey hired me to get his site a stronger presence and ultimately more business.  After careful research about what type of customer he was looking for, we went after the keyword “Miami investment property”  He is now ranking #2 for this highly sought after keyword, specific to his business.













3. Hanks Brothers

The Hanks Brothers work in international trade as a product sourcing company in China.  They once again did not have any business leads coming in, so I worked with them to solve this challenge.  They already had a site, but it was not bringing in any specific traffic to their business.  What I did was build a brand new site for them and rank it for the keyword “sourcing company.”  There was a lot of competition as this is a highly sought after global keyword.  Building this site from the ground up, we were able to craft it perfectly to the keyword and rank it at #1. There are over 56 million competing sites for this keyword.  They are also ranking very well for many other keyword variations.